Untitled -no.2

Untitled -no.2


In 2013, I had just begun creating actual "series" of paintings. Essentially exploring a single topic or subject matter. Hoping that with sticking with one simple subject over multiple pieces conceptual ideas would develop.


This is the last mini-series on the phone subject from 2014, "Untitled". These limit edition blockprints are a two-layer traditional carving blockprint on 13" x 16" Arnhem 1618 Printmaking Paper.


Remaining from this 5 print series are the 1/5, the 2/5, and the 4/5 alongside a Working Proof print and the single Artist Proof. 

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Most works done by Aaron are done for private collectors. Aaron takes pride in the ability to fully guarantee a special experience with these commission requests. With the collaboration he can capture the indescribable personalities in the subjects he paints. One patron stated it to be "the soul" of her loved one.





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