Breaking the Artists' Burnout - part 2


Pretty shortly after posting the last entry I had the pleasure of being visited by one of my amazing patrons and former college neighbor (Mama C).

Mama C always treated us as her own kids. Always helping us out, cooking us food, and chatting with like a good mother does.

It was great to catch up with her while she and I dive into this giant doodle game. Despite her forewarning about her limited abilities to draw stick figures and inability to draw a straight lines with a ruler -- a pretty common statement from people! But, I only had to tell her once to not worry about it because anything can be fixed and painted over. Just let loose.

Like I've mentioned before, this is meant to be an exercise on training your eye and working on harnessing creativity. Soon enough she was seeing things that I couldn't see. Making connections between lines and shapes to form characters that her brain recognized.

She noticed the man-eating plant from an old classic movie, an aquatic dinosaur creature, and a tiny ameba (over on the right-hand side). Starting from one idea and bouncing to the next, just enjoying the possibilities at hand.

It's still a mess, still rough looking. But maybe with a few more visits from other contributors this painting will turn into a master piece. One created with the help from multiple people. The potential is there.

To be continued..

Next entry will be dedicated to another individual like Mama C. Prepare yourself for Skinny Vinnie and the wild impact he's had on my life, my work, and what's still left to come if my plan goes accordingly.

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